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Cloud Ocean Water has a vision: To make New Zealand water as famous around the world as Evian, the leading brand of French Alpine water.


New Zealand is well known for the abundance and purity of its water, making it the ideal country to take advantage of the growing global market in packaged water. 


It's another 'string to the bow' of New Zealand exports and contributes to the New Zealand story on a global stage, enhancing our reputation as a producer of luxury natural products.


Cloud Ocean Water has produced bottled water in New Zealand since 2017. Our state-of-the-art plant in Belfast, Christchurch, began producing water in 2018.



Cloud Ocean Water is part of the Ling Hai Group. 



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L I N G  H A I

G R O U P  

Ling Hai Group specialises in the export of luxury natural products. The company was established in New Zealand in 2013, and is a subsidiary of Rizhao Lingyunhai Sugar Group Co. Ltd in China, one of the largest global producers of sugar.


The company connects to networks in China and brings natural and high quality food and beverage to the fast-growing Chinese market, presenting pure and clean products to the customer.



Ling Hai Group owns and operates a 750 hectare vineyard and farm in Blenheim, Marlborough and exports wine, honey and meat. Ling Hai Group also operates a five star hotel in Auckland.



The company is New Zealand registered and pays tax in New Zealand. The CEO and Owner of Ling Hai Group are proud to have permanent residency in New Zealand.

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