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T H E  C L O U D  O C E A N  W A T E R  S T O R Y 

Christchurch is a city that is still recovering from the 2011 earthquakes. While the economy has proved resilient, the city needs investment and local jobs such as those being provided by Cloud Ocean Water.

C O N T R I B U T I N G  T O  

E C O N O M I C  G R O W T H  

The Christchurch Economic Development Strategy, published by Christchurch NZ, identifies five ‘Game Changers’ that will drive future economic growth. Two of them are:

Connect Internationally for Commercialisation and growth. 

Improve exports, commercialisation and the flow of people, ideas, investment and intellect into Christchurch. Be the gateway for Canterbury and the South Island.

Cloud Ocean Water is contributing to both of these drivers by providing employment, capital investment, and specialist technical skills and opportunities to New Zealand.


Cloud Ocean Water will also benefit the local economy in other ways, for example in transport and logistics. Cloud Ocean Water is set to become an important customer of The Port of Lyttelton.

W H A T  M A K E S  C L O U D  O C E A N 'S  W A T E R  P L A N T  S T A T E  O F 

T H E  A R T ?

Cloud Ocean Water has taken a dilapidated site in Belfast and is transforming it into the most technologically advanced bottling plant in the country. The company has invested $60m so far in their Belfast site.

  • The latest plant and machinery imported from China, Italy and Germany is not in use anywhere else in New Zealand

  • Cloud Ocean Water is the only water bottler in New Zealand to pre-form and blow their own bottles on site

B E L F A S T  S I T E  U P G R A D E 



  • A wool scourer, washing dirty wool

  • Had consents in place for industrial use of water

  • Discharged chemicals and effluent into the wastewater system

  • A declining market (wool), it shut down in 2015

  • The building stood empty and was in a dilapidated state





  • Hi-tech water bottling plant - $60m invested

  • Creating 200 new jobs 

  • Same amount of consented water use as wool scourer

  • No discharge of contaminants or effluent

  • Growing market – 10 per cent global increase in packaged water sales year on year

  • Building rescued and restored, including adding a new roof

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